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" Joe has been my physical therapist for 6 years. I have had the chronic neurological condition MS for over 40 years. It is a moving target throughout my body, the nature and degree of the symptoms often change.

What makes Joe so effective as a physical therapist is that he continually listens, observes and works on new procedures for my particular situation.

His method is based on improving functional activities i.e.. bending, reaching. Several examples, is learning to step backwards which is related to opening a door, strengthening my upper body to prevent falls and in the event of a fall being able to get up, stepping sideways to engage stepping forward. This has been very challenging for me but with Joe”s continued positive encouraging approach I have achieved much.

I highly recommend Joe. "

A. G.

" Thank you for your wonderful care and concern for my husband. We credit his progress to the initial plan you developed, and the excellent care administered.

He has been just wonderful! We wish you every success!

Our story… A recent illness, severe knee problem, and loss of balance, left my husband unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. His orthopedist recommended physical therapy.

Joe Murray, a highly educated and skilled physical therapist with an excellent reputation, was a clear choice. Joe began working with my husband to strengthen his muscles and restore his balance. He made arrangements for a custom brace.

Within a few visits, my husband’s balance was improved, within months he was walking. We are extremely pleased with the excellent care we received and highly recommend Joe Murray. "


" I have known Joe Murray for the past fourteen years as a friend and fellow parent, businessman and physical therapist.

Whether it is entrusting him with my children, helping on a project on our farm, or healing injuries incurred from landscaping, Joe has always been there and always will.

He is not only kind and gentle, but extremely knowledgeable, patient, and trustworthy.

If you’re unlucky enough to need physical therapy, you’ll be lucky to have Joe heal you. "


" I’ll say this emphatically: Joe Murray is an exceptional physical therapist.

His gentle presence is so encouraging. He possesses the rare quality of intuition, affording him the ability to adjust to my needs—when to push and when to pull back. He always tweaks my sessions enough to keep me engaged and motivated to improve.

And, last but not least Joe really listens and respects my input.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joe to any individual. "


" I came to Joe early in my senior season of cross country with an injury.

After just one session of him working with me and listening to my concerns, he was able to target my problem.

With a personalized exercise and stretching program, I was able to run pain free and had the most successful running season of my high school career. "


" Joe has been my physical therapist for many years, and he always takes the time to find out what my specific needs and issues are, and then sets up my treatment plan to appropriately address those issues.

He is highly professional, very effective and also an extremely nice person. "


" A useful and very satisfying PT experience!

I progressed steadily…learning how to move effectively and painlessly…regaining mobility and strength. A great whole body approach tailored to my needs.

Came away with great tools! "