We specialize in physical comfort, movement and performance.

What’s your goal? Health, fitness, comfort, confidence, healing, recovery, restoration, performance, competition, or perhaps a more active and rewarding lifestyle? We can help.

There is movement that hurts and harms, and there is movement that helps and heals. We specialize in the good kind and know all the moves meant just for you.

Our movement as medicine approach is highly professional and personalized. You deserve more than just generic instruction for rest and exercise. We skillfully integrate movement art and science to craft precision movement prescriptions just for you – your ability and your goals.

We can help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

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Our proven movement based approach to back, neck, and sciatic pain integrates biomechanical testing, treatment, training and teaching. Most ordinary back treatments focus just on relieving symptoms for the moment.

We focus on finding and fixing the cause of your symptoms naturally without surgery or drug dependency.

Make your move!


Our individualized movement approach to orthopedic conditions is much more than just traditional exercise for isolated joints.

Whether your condition is related to accident, injury, fall, repetitive strain, over-exertion, arthritis, degenerative disease, surgery or joint replacement, we will help you heal, speed through recovery and get your life back to normal.

Move beyond!


Life is in the living at home, work, play, travel, indoors or out. It’s about family and friends, quality time, doing what you enjoy and going where and when you want.

When life’s physical setbacks set in, health, happiness, and even hope can suffer. With your goals and our know-how, we can help you restore and reclaim your capacity for living, laughing, and loving.

Reclaim life!


When movement becomes limited, tiring, difficult, painful, or unsafe it’s time to reclaim what you’ve lost.

An injury here, wear and tear there; it all adds up over time, leaving one diminished, having less fun, function, and fulfillment.

We specialize in physical, movement, coordination, stability, balance, comfort, performance, and safety. We’ll help you reclaim your energy, efficiency, and confidence.

Enjoy the positive energy of movement.


We test, treat and train athletes of every age and level of play from youth to seniors, novice to elite, and recreational to professional, whatever the game.

From injury prevention to injury recovery and performance enhancement; we help athletes get their game on and to play to their full potential. Our world-class training and experience is just around the corner from where you live.

Get Your Move On!